ISBN: 9780323497824 出版年:2016 页码:274 Elsevier Science_RM


Nanostructures covers the main concepts and fundamentals of nanoscience emphasizing characteristics and properties of numerous nanostructures. This book offers a clear explanation of nanostructured materials via several examples of synthesis/processing methodologies and materials characterization. In particular, this book is targeted to a range of scientific backgrounds, with some chapters written at an introductory level and others with the in-depth coverage required for a seasoned professional. Nanostructures is an important reference source for early-career researchers and practicing materials scientists and engineers seeking a focused overview of the science of nanostructures and nanostructured systems, and their industrial applications.Presents an accessible overview of the science behind, and industrial uses of, nanostructures. Gives materials scientists and engineers an understanding of how using nanostructures may increase material performanceTargeted to a wide audience, including graduate and postgraduate study with a didactic approach to aid fluid learningFeatures an analysis of different nanostructured systems, explaining their properties and industrial applications

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