Aspects of Knowing —— Epistemological Essays

----- 认识论文集:认知科学分析

ISBN: 9780080449791 出版年:2006 页码:257 Elsevier Science_RM


AcknowledgementsContributors1. Introduction: The art of precise epistemology Stephen HetheringtonPart A. Epistemology as scientific?2. A problem about epistemic dependence Tim Oakley3. Accounting for commitments: A priori knowledge, ontology, and logical entailments Michaelis Michael4. Epistemic bootstrappingPeter Forrest5. More praise for Moore proofRoger White6. Lotteries and the Close Shave principle John Collins7. Skepticism, self-knowledge, and responsibilityDavid Macarthur8. A reasonable contextualism (or, Austin reprised)A. B. Dickerson9. Questioning contextualism Brian WeathersonPart B. Understanding knowledge?10. Truthmaking and the Gettier problemAdrian Heathcote11. Is knowing having the right to be sure?Andr茅 Gallois12. Knowledge by intention? On the possibility of agent knowledge Anne Newstead13. Gettier theoremJohn Bigelow14. Knowledge that works: A tale of two conceptual models Stephen Hetherington

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